MBA Admission Counselling

Yes - you may still apply, but please be sure to include your mark sheets and provisional certificate if available.

You must prove that funds are immediately available to cover the first year's costs and show evidence that funds will be available for all subsequent years. Any financial documentation you provide should be in support of this. This applies to ALL student visa applicants.

Short listing of the Universities is a personalized process. We take into consideration the student interest, academic scores, the prerequisites of the university, and the complete profile of the student strength and weaknesses, preferences and chances of getting into the university, we will give you a list of 15-18 universities with chances of getting an admit.

We suggest the student to use Ranking as one among the criteria but not as a whole. It is understood that the Ranking are done by some Private bodies by using certain parameters which most of them are not applicable from the student perspective. We recommend student to consider other important factors like accreditation of the University, courses, strength of the faculty, infrastructure, on-going researches and the placement support at the University. More important student should look at his specialization and course and see if his choice of university is good for the same. Also, some university does not get into the ranking race.

Studying in USA provides the following:
  • an opportunity to study the latest curriculum for better career prospects.
  • an opportunity to study at the world-renowned universities.
  • An opportunity to work on latest research projects.
  • An opportunity to be exposed to different environment and culture and also.
  • Multiple Job opportunities.

Scholarship – Tuition waiver, Graduate Assistant ship, Teaching Assistant ship, Research Assistant, LAB assistant ship, Library assistant ship, Loyalty assistant ship to name few.

There are 2 sessions a) fall – Starts in Aug-Sep the student should ideally apply before December. For MBA there are multiple rounds and most often applying before 2 round is suggested. B) SpringStarts in Jan-Feb the student should ideally apply before May-Jun, also please note the number of options available in Spring are very less.

Scholarship depends on various factors such as the profile of the student, University funds, program applied for and the timing of the application, there’s no guarantee that a student will get a scholarship, but we will help you during the application process to apply for scholarships. Also, it is to be noted that If the student hasn’t received aid initially it is possible for him to get some aid after the first semester based on the performance.

As mentioned earlier there is no way to determine an exact amount of aid, however on an avg for MBA students aid range is about 0 – 100%.

# Country Degree Work-Ex
0 India Min. 15 Yrs Min 2 Yrs ( IIM-s min 5 and 7 Yrs)
1 USA 16 Yrs ( Some schools accept 15) Not Mandatory for most schools
2 Canada 16 Yrs Compulsary Not Mandatory for most schools
3 UK Min. 15 Yrs 3 Yrs ( For Top Schools)
4 Australia Min. 15 Yrs Similar to UK
5 NZ Min. 15 Yrs Not Mandatory for most schools
6 Ireland Min. 15 Yrs Similar to UK
7 France Min. 15 Yrs Min 3 Yrs
8 Singapore Min. 15 Yrs Min 3 Yrs
9 Spain Min. 15 Yrs Min 3 Yrs

It’d depend on your future plans, and the reason for you to do an MBA, if you’re planning to switch your career field then a 2 Year MBA is suggested, however mostly a 1 Year MBA is suggested for people with higher work-exp.

In a 1 Year MBA , an Internship is not available, however you’ll finish the course in a short span of time and is ideal for people with higher work-exp. In a 2 Year MBA, you have an option of an Internship and hence if you’re keen on a career switch and have lower work-exp then this should be a good option. Almost all US Schools have 2 Year MBA’s and almost all European Schools have 1 Year MBA’s.

  • Kellogg (Restricted entry)
  • Queens
  • IE
  • ISB
  • IMD
  • Cambridge
  • Oxford

Rankings are not the only Criteria for selecting the Schools, however as a reference you can use, and business week

Yes, you can apply for an MBA, but the chances of getting into a top school is very minimal, instead you can consider MS in Management / Finance / Marketing.

  • Finance: These are the best locations and not necessarily the only good ones: East-Coast (NY, NJ , WA, PA , MI etc..) , France , Singapore , UK
  • Marketing / General Management: East-Coast, Europe, Asia, South Coast ( TX , AZ ), AUS ( for GM), Almost all Top-B Schools ( Worldwide), Canada
  • Consulting / Strategy: East / west coast, TX Schools and INSEAD, HKUST.

It depends on how much time you can spend and the type of the application, on an average it takes 2-3 months for a good application.

We will give you samples of the financial documents; however, you’ll need to prepare the documents.

Well that depends on various factors like the type of university you get into, your performance in the university, and the network you build within the university.

There are no placement cells in the universities, however they do offer career services who’ll guide you in building the profile, interview training, building your network etc..

  • The discount that you’ll avail.
  • Also applying early is always an advantage hence you can start preparing your documents along with the test prep and save time.
  • Selecting universities for the test date

Not at all, you can utilize the admission package for the next intake you plan to apply.

  • Location
  • Profile Match
  • Specialization chosen
  • Cost
  • Ranking
  • Acceptance rate / Avg Scores
  • University Specific requirements
  • Timelines

A good number is about 7-8 with a decent mix of universities.

No, we don’t guarantee admission or Scholarship, but while we are working with you , we would give you a realistic list and help to better your application, by helping you understand the application process and a strategy.

It takes about 4-6 weeks after the application.

Usually MBA applications are about $ 50 to $ 150 each.

There are some schools which lets you apply without TOEFL / IELTS if the undergrad is in English, but it’s better to take the test since it will allow you to apply to all schools.

The highest score is always considered, but it is not suggested you take it multiple times.

It is similar to consolidated mark-sheet; however it will be written as transcript, with the medium of instruction and usually 1 page. Ideally apply for about 5-7 Original copies of transcripts while you start the preparation.

It will be via Skype or telephone, sometimes by alumni if he or she is present in the country.

There are no Cut-offs for scores, however you’ll need to know which school accepts your profile and score.

The overall score is always taken, however having a good mix in both quant and verbal is always better.