Study UG in Germany

Germany hosts some of the best universities that are ranked among the world’s top 100. These offer programs with an international curriculum and opportunities to work on capstone projects. Add to world-class infrastructure and research facilities in areas of technology and business, and it is no surprise that Germany has emerged as one of the top destinations for studying abroad. Pursue your bachelors in Germany for the following reasons:

World class universities:

Germany has a solid reputation when it comes to scientific and technical studies. Of late, it has emerged as a preferred destination to pursue commerce and business studies too. Owing to its world class universities endowed with state-of-the-art infrastructure and faculty who are at the top of their field, Germany is highly preferred by international students.

Massive research funding:

Both public and private organizations support and promote R&D in German universities. The aim is to foster academic talent and attract scholars and scientists across the world.

Free undergrad education in Germany:

Graduates from good German universities are highly employable. As German universities maintain close relationships with the industry, many students undertake live research projects while studying. This enables them to come into contact with potential employers. Also, many academicians at German universities hold positions in the industry which helps interested students secure connections and interviews when looking for jobs after graduation in Germany.

Mastering a new language:

Almost all undergraduate courses in public German colleges are taught in the German language. As such one is required to provide proof of proficiency in German-TestDaF, DSH, etc. Most universities, on their website, mention the type of certificate, level or score that is required for the program that you are interested in. Studying in the German language is definitely challenging and opens up new horizons for leaning and working in Germany.