Study UG in USA

Pursuing your undergraduate studies in the US is possibly the best career decision you will make. Known for their top-level courses, learned faculty, emphasis on practical learning and vibrant campuses, universities in US offer an unparalleled educational experience. Good industry-academia connect and campus job fairs present plenty of job opportunities at the end of course.

Bachelors in US is typically a four-year course requiring the completion of 120 college credits (approximately 40 subjects). Most undergraduate admissions committees make their decision on the basis of your Class 9-12 GPAs, SAT, SAT Subject Test and TOEFL scores, school report from a senior school official, meaningful essays citing hobbies, volunteer work, and more.

Choose US for pursuing your undergrad as:

Best UG courses in the world

Universities in US undoubtedly offer the best undergrad courses and course combinations. Bank on them to embed the latest electives in curriculum related to engineering, finance, medicine, etc. Studying cutting-edge electives like AI, business analytics, genetic engineering, etc. becomes a real possibility in US unlike anywhere else.

Academic flexibility in choosing majors and minors

There is a lot of academic flexibility when it comes to choosing majors and minors in US universities. Unlike universities in India, where you are required to select one stream to graduate in right at the outset, you can wait till your 2nd year to declare a major. In the meantime, you have all the freedom to explore your intellectual curiosities! Some students decide to even do a double major or choose unrelated majors and minors like computer science and business ethics or finance and creative writing. Take help from your academic advisor in this regard.

Distinguished professors with industry connect

If you make it to a good US university, your professors would be the best in their field. Chances are that they would be directly involved in various ongoing industry-funded research projects and as such would be able to give you both practical and research-oriented approach to problems.

Plenty of funding options

Getting your bachelor’s in US is expensive. However, thanks to several funding organizations—public and private sector banks, NBFCs and crowd-funded companies—it has lately become a possibility. Download Jamboree’s Study Abroad Loan Guide to know more.

Scholarships and grants

A large number of scholarships and grants, both government and university-aided, eases tuition costs significantly. We have had many students who were able to secure scholarships worth 100% of their course fee.

High Return on Investment

Given the amount of investment you make, it is natural to expect high returns (read jobs)! Rest assured on this prospect. Most universities organize career fairs on their campus where students can meet and interact with company HRs and set up an interview with them. Stay in touch with the career center at your university for updates, mock interviews, enhancing your CV and more.

Alumni connect

Most universities in US are rich in student diversity and have a strong alumni network. You can be sure to meet and forge lasting personal and professional relationships that would stand you in good stead when looking for internships and jobs.